Bangkok Now (BNOW), Bangkok’s Networking Community, announces with its partners, the launch of Thailand’s very first Entrepreneur Now Awards (ENA). In follow-up to the awards program BNOW supported in 2014, BNOW is expanding upon last year’s foundation and welcoming Thai and non-Thai applicants and nominees as Thailand opens its doors to ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). This award widens the reach to recognize entrepreneurs from more countries and industries operating in the Kingdom of Thailand.

To create great exposure for the Award, the partnership has been broaden to include several foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand and other players who support entrepreneurs in the market. Members of the working committee include the Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce, the American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand (AMCHAM), the Irish Thai Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok University, Bangkok Entrepreneurs, UNESCO, and the international internet-based market research firm, Yougov.

The award’s objective is to promote entrepreneurism, attract investors to Thailand and the ASEAN region, and revitalize the Thai economy and the SME sector. Additionally, we aim to champion the entrepreneurial spirit, cultivate the entrepreneur culture and support an eco-system to sustain it. Below are criteria and categories for the judges.


1. Uniqueness
How unique is your product or service or the business model? What issues are being solved by your business? How is this different from what’s already available in the market?
2. Vision and Potential Growth
What are the vision & mission of your company? Is it a sustainable business model? How can the business grow and expand?
3. Value in Thailand & ASEAN
What value is your business providing? How many jobs has it created? Are you involved in any CSR activities? Are there social benefits such as outreach that impacts the local community?
4. Eco-sustainability
Are there initiatives regarding sustainable strategies? What is your business impact on the environment? Does your company recycle or use lean system to minimize waste?
5. Striking achievements
What have you or your co-founding team achieved that you want to showcase to the community? Do you have high customer satisfaction rating? Are you the first company in your industry to receive an ISO certification or any recognition or awards?
6. Overcoming challenges
What were some of the challenges you and your team faced and how was it handled? What were some of the lessons learned?
7. Recognition and Traction
Are you and your co-founders recognized by peers and the general public? Where do you feel you have excelled? Is it sales, user acquisition, expansion, investors backing or media coverage? Share your story.

To get more ideas and inspirations, see the nomination videos from 2015 in our youtube channel (Entrepreneur Now Asia)

If you’d like help to make your nomination video, email us at awesome@bnow.org or call us at 02 662 5622

The deadline is January 31st 2017 and we look forward to receiving your nomination soon.

1. Outstanding female entrepreneur
2. Eco entrepreneur
3. Creative entrepreneur (art, fashion, food and other artisanal products)
4. Innovative entrepreneur (tech, e-commerce, app, online)
5. Social enterprise entrepreneur
6. Most entrepreneurial team
7. SME (50 employees to 100)
8. Best new comer (TBC)
9. Outstanding Entrepreneur


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Alexandre Dupont

Artima Suraphongchai (Kimmy)

Maik Fuellmann

Nicky Surapaitoon

Jacky Cheng

Ekasith (Nino) Jotikasthira

Romain Mathieu

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